My holiday was really fun because I saw my awesome friends. I went to go watch Smurfs 2 with them and we also bought awesome bangles. I also had to go to the doctor because my knees were very sore. So I went to the doctor and he found out that I had Osgood Shlatters syndrome. It is just I big word for growing pains. I can't do sports for three months. If I don't rest my knee for three months I face surgery. Which I would not want. 
What was your holiday like?
My biggest fear is spiders. I am scared of spiders because most of them are ugly and all eight of there legs are so long and hairy and once a spider was chasing me and my sister it was really scary. What is your fear?
Sorry I am not so good at blogging yet!   If you had to be an animal what would you be?