Stray Dog

Once apon a time there was a gorgeous grey dog. She lived in a dumpster in England very close to a highway. She had ten puppies, but then she didn't have food for them so she had to go a explore for food so she went to go look around she found so much it could last a few days so she brought it home and gave it to them they were so delighted because they hadn't eaten for a week. After supper they went to bed with a full tummy! 

Then one day mommy dog wanted to go explore somewhere else so she went across the busy highway with all the cars zooming past her. She was exploring she didn't find anything because it got so dark she couldn't find her way back so she had to sleep in the forest under a big oak tree. 

The next day she decided to go home, but she didn't know it was so busy on the highway in the morning. So she strolled across the road, but...she didn't see the CocaCola truck coming around the corner, suddenly, BANG! The truck had hit her. She was in pain, every bone she tried to move was stiff and sore. She thought she would never see her children again.

The hero dog came to the rescue he was standing in the middle of the zooming cars thinking of how he could get her to the side of the rode in safety. He crossed the rode when there weren't so many cars and grabbed just in time. He took her to the side in the forest to check if any of her bones were broken and to check for any open wounds that can get infected. There was no open wounds just some bruises. He comforted her by getting old clothes and leafs to keep her warm and he got some food and water. The next morning he got some more food and water for them and when they came  back there was a red butterfly. They have never seen a different colour before so they new that was a sign of hope. When they saw that they new they were meant for each other so they went home to her puppies. They didn't know the hero dog but they were happy that he saved there mother.

By Josefine 


Mrs Martin
08/27/2013 8:56am

Dear Josefine,

I can see that you have put a lot of thought into this story, but sadly you did not keep to the structure you have been taught. I think your description of the accident is quite good. I would like to see you work on your sentence structure in the next story that you write.

09/19/2013 1:06am

Ok yes thank you for the advice!


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